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Having a picture-perfect outdoor wedding is stunning-- but it isn’t easy.

On top of all the usual planning, designing and styling, wedding professionals swear by certain insider-secrets for a flawless day.

Forgetting just one can make your day memorable for all the wrong reasons.

So I’ve created this free outdoor wedding guide for you to download.

It’s free, and reveals all the crucial outdoor wedding tips you’ll need for a fresh, fun and fabulously chic outdoor wedding celebration in Boston.

With this guide, you’ll create a wedding you and your guests will rave about, full of unforgettable memories you’ll cherish forever.
There Are Weddings…
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There are tons of wedding blogs, magazines, and videos that share generic outdoor wedding tips. While they get some of it right, they don’t normally focus on the outdoor wedding challenges in Boston.

You’re not exchanging vows in forever-sunny California-- you’re facing a totally different climate with unique venue challenges, obstacles and weather.

That’s why I created this free outdoor wedding guide.

As Boston’s top outdoor wedding planning firm, I’ve created some seriously stylish and sophisticated outdoor weddings here.

And I want to share with you what actually works for outdoor weddings in Boston.

Before you waste more hours researching outdoor wedding tips, there are secrets you need to know to make your celebration functional but still stunning, seamless and authentically ‘you.’

Are you ready to find out how?

Fabulous! Let’s dig in.

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“Thank you for coordinating our wedding, Claudia. You did a spectacular job! From understanding our vision to planning every single detail and managing all vendors. The event was beautiful, magical, elegant and FUN! We truly loved working with you!”
-  Carolina and Lazaro



“Thanks to Claudia for her professionalism, organization, and most importantly her special touch to make everything go smoothly! Claudia took care of every detail to make my dream come true!
“She knew our budget and helped us find what we wanted for our special day, from the venue to the smallest details! The wedding was more than we had expected! Thank you for your unconditional service!”
– Claudia & Marcelo


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